Corneille Nangaa & Norbert Basengezi: Men of the 2016 “Electoral” Match?

In sport, a Man (men/women) of the Match or Player (s) of the Game or Man (men) of the Series award is given to the outstanding player, almost always the one who makes the most impact, in a particular match or series. The term was originally used more often in cricket before being adopted by other sports. This can be a player from either team, usually the winning team.

Last week, Corneille Nangaa Yobeluo has been confirmed as the head of DRC National Independent Electoral Commission. It was in replacement to Abbé Appolinaire Malumalu who resigned few weeks ago due to health conditions as reported. The Malumalu team was nominated to this key task in supporting to democracy since June 2013 as a response to 2011 elections flaws. Corneille Nangaa, the new boss of CENI is considered as an expert within the area of electoral processes. He is a former member of the DRC Independent Electoral Commission since 2006, member of Central Africa electoral network as well as a Program Director within the Electoral Training School of Central Africa. Corneille Nangaa is a prominent international consultant who technically assisted electoral processes in Ivory Coast, Guinée, Niger, Ghana, Cameroun, Gabon, Burundi, Kenya and Madagascar.

MONUC DSRSG Ross Mountain Gives Press Conference in Goma, North
AbbeŽ Appollinaire Malu-Malu,

In a likely waterfall resigns, André Pungwe was also replaced by Norbert Basengezi Katintima. The later has been closer to the functioning of the Independent Electoral Commission since the end of 1+4 transitional period. He has also been South-Kivu Governor during the Congolese Rally for Democracy, Minister at central level as well as parliamentary member. Pierrette Mwenze has been nominated as a ‘Quaestor’ (member of the CENI in charge of administrative and financial matters). Pierrette Mwenze enters the CENI body in replacement to Chantal Ngoy from the MSR (Mouvement Social pour le Renouveau), one the political party forming the G7.


Though the 2013 Malumalu’s team intended to rectifying the consensus on member of the CENI as an independent organ supporting the democratic process, it seems that challenges ahead of the Nangaa’s team are very critical than it was in 2013. The electoral process in DRC is roughly delaying as expected. Based on the election calendar, it was planned to have Provincial Parliamentary members elected in October 2015. From 25 November 2015 (4 days ahead), we would be entering into the process of electing Senators, Governors as well as Mayors/Bourgoumetres to the Sector level. The delay of the process is differently interpreted as it covers political willingness to financial and technical challenges such incorporating new voters, reviewing electoral files… Consequently, it remains questionable about what can an informed observer expect from the new team?

Mostly, interested people expect to see the new team organizing timely all planned elections; though elections might probably not be responding to our daily question of handling basic needs. However, it practically looks as challenging to handle all these above-cited pending problems within a short period as it is today. Additionally, the independence spirit of electoral commission’s members is being called into question. Thus, it is time to call upon the new team to consider the national interest than falling into political amateurism that may expose the fragile state of the country. Nevertheless, the blogger feels that it’s unlikely that the Nangaa team, even though experienced, would be awarded the as the men of the 2016 election match.

Ntanyoma R. Delphin

Secrétaire Exécutif & Coordonnateur

Appui au Développement Intégré &

à la Gouvernance

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