Challenges of Blogging: My Admiration to your Great Support

This is the first anniversary of Eastern DRC Reconciliation & Development Forum blog. The first article was published on 12 November 2013. The blog initiative aims to share my views on socio-economic conditions of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) population while stressing on its eastern part. The blog intends to recall that we never have to give up when claiming our rights; that are equitable distribution and redistribution of national resources as well denouncing embezzlement and corruption.

Additionally, the blog thinks that relying only on the political will and ‘mercyship’ of political leaders do not suffice to get the situation changed as it has the origin from the colonial era, to Mobutu dictatorship and the current regime. The blog advocates using of non-violence means to claim our rights as the use of guns has led to the destruction of social cohesion. Moreover, the blogger believes that a sustainable way of solving DRC crises has to think about socio-cultural diversities comprising the country and the appropriate political and administrative system as well. Based on similar social-political landscapes, the appropriate model that would govern and deliver easily services to the population is federalism.

Consequently, failing to deliver basic services to local population opens up several breaches that has been and exploited by neighboring countries and regional powers. The blog calls on these regional powers to restrain their negative interferences while positively supporting the process of rebuilding this large country. Nonetheless, informed readers have to avoid a misinterpretation of eastern DRC crises as resulting from hegemonic ethnic communities; leading to singling out some of these. However, it has to be clear that pulling a group of individuals together leads to an amalgam ending up into creating an environment of confrontation. Subsequently, the right way of assessing political actions is through individual responsibilities without embarking groups of people sharing any ethnic features. Finally, there is a need of considering the importance of justice, rehabilitation of victims as well as reconciliation perspectives.

Despite your support, advice and comments, blogging is not an easy task. Along the course of sharing my views, the blogger came across different challenges. Among these, it is worthwhile to note that writing an article faces a choice of the title that contains the whole argument. In the first place, it keeps changing as the discussion goes on. Secondly, the first sentence of the article takes more energy as the question of knowing ‘what I am saying here’ knocks several times. The first sentence looks as opening the mind though creating a disagreement with yourself. It remains heating to meet the interest of readers, within the environment of countless writers during the technological era of internet use. It is now easy for everyone to drop everything online though it sometimes confuses the audience.

Therefore, the first support within such ‘competitive’ environment of hundreds of thousands of writers and internet users comes when the article has found a single reader. This is why I admire your support by reading and commenting on the blog views. This article expresses my gratitude that wouldn’t have occurred if you, personally as reader, did not spent a time to read and share on one or another the blog’s articles. The blogger wants to thank everyone from United States of America (3,335), Rwanda (2,252), Netherlands (1,842), Democratic Republic of Congo (821), United Kingdom (801), France (731), South Africa (560), Belgium (557), and Canada (529) whose views are respectively as high as it appears into the bracket. Though these are the likely high views by countries, what matters from my viewpoint is your individual support. Thus, my admiration goes to all of you for being supportive during the course of running the blog.

Additionally, the blogger thinks that it’s worthwhile to recapitulates some of the mostly viewed articles. The total views of the blog’s articles are around 16,475, meaning that your individual effort is worth of value for making the blogger encouraged. Despite views of the home page and blog’s objectives, the following are articles that seem to have interested readers:

  1. Mutebutsi―Udjani―Morgan: Les raisons de Décès et Avenir Incertain pour leurs Pairs
  2. La défaite de la rébellion au Sud-Kivu: Une victoire de la Coalition Chisambo-Masunzu passée inaperçue
  3. Quand les Faits sont Têtus: Avertissement pour l’Est du Congo et le Grands Lacs d’Afrique?
  4. Moise Katumbi Champwe: Exploits et le Dessous des Cartes
  5. Démarcation de la Frontière Congo-Rwanda : Tournure en Conflit de Positionnement entre Banande et Banyamulenge ?
  6. Honoré NGBANDA – Faustin MUNENE : Devenus Tutsi comme René ABANDI ?
  7. Who Is Behind Mutarule Massacre: Culture of Impunity or Security Blunder?
  8. Security Paradox: Banyamulenge in Netherlands Protesting Against a Plan to Return them to Kinshasa/DRC.

The initiative of sharing my understanding of the socio-political context of the great lakes region, DRC as well as the Eastern Congo specifically continues; this is an opportunity to express again and again my gratitude. As the initiative goes on, your support remains of great value. Keep commenting, dropping advice in order to get the blog improved.

Ntanyoma R. Delphin

Twitter account @delphino12




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