SIMPLE K A OFFICIAL VIDEO : Exhibiting Kinyamulenge Danse

Culture, danse and messages can reconstruct a divided nation and society. These guys are calling for peace, reminding us how children used to play night when there was a peace. Advocating for education to all; an opportunity to learn about history. They are calling prayer groups invoking God for the unity that characterized our ancestors; reminding how division has led to destruction; human loses and every damage you can imagine. Interpretation made by the bloger

Strong message giving nostalgia of what we used to be during the childhood. Unfortunately, these talents never got opportunity  to expand due to selfishness of rulers, lack of leisure and culture infrastructures. They would have dne much in the past. If you can, think supporting these young congolese all around the world in difficult conditions to reach their dreams.

Thanks to them for doing what they can whatever challenges they face

The group is called Simple K.A based in Kenya, if not mistaken

Ntanyoma R. Delphin


Twitter Account: Delphino12



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