Some thoughts and facts about the ongoing crisis in the DRC (Part 1)

An interesting article from Marc, belgian journalist.



Trouble in Katanga ……………

Nothing seems very logic in the DRC: the soft boiling Congolese kettle of small scale wars in the east and in the south of the country, of the ongoing political gossip and corruption  in Kinshasa and the ongoing exploitation of minerals in the south was suddenly boiling on the 30-st of December of last when several targets in the country where attacked by the followers of a certain Paul Joseph Mukungubila.   A couple of days later colonel Mamadou Ndala, the newborn national hero of  the war against the  M-23 rebels,  was killed in an ambush in Beni.  But this was not all: behind the thick curtains of Kabila’s palaces in Kinshasa and in Lubumbashi a real power struggle broke out between Kabila himself and some of his closest generals.  Today this struggle is still ongoing. In fact there…

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